Our values can be summarized as follows:

We are result-oriented;

Our firm strives to be a center of excellence;

Customer satisfaction is essential to us - in order to safeguard this, we fight to obtain the best possible results in every case, we focus on quality and responsiveness when working towards those results, while at the same time focusing on cost-effectiveness.


Or in other words: results, quality, customer satisfaction.

These values are, in our opinion, not conflicting at all. They complement each other.

Being result-oriented does not mean that we see only one way to achieve results: in some cases litigation is unavoidable, in other cases avoiding litigation may as well lead to the better result at the end of the day.

Our quest to deliver legal services of the very highest quality, stems from our firm conviction that there is no better way to achieve results in legal matters than by a constant focus on quality.

Customer satisfaction seemlessly fits into that result-oriented approach and constant focus on quality: we also believe there is no better way to serve our clients than by delivering them the best results they could possibly obtain. Being involved in a legal conflict can be a stressful and burdensome effort. As your lawyers, we intend to reduce that stress and burden to the very best of our abilities - not only by focusing on the best possible end-results, but also by making the way to get there as smooth and as agreeable as possible. Hence the importance we attach to responsiveness. We try not to just talk the talk - we also walk the walk.

Finally, cost-effectiveness does not have to be irreconcilable with a focus on results and quality. On the contrary, those values complement each other - since the end-result always has to be balanced against the cost to achieve that result.

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