Our firm strives to be a center of excellence.
Customer satisfaction is essential to us.


We aim to deliver top-notch quality legal services at a reasonable cost.

We listen to your needs and concerns.

We are pragmatic, to-the-point and responsive.

We make sure we understand your business.

We are result-oriented.


Our quest to deliver legal services of the very highest quality.


Litigation is our core-business. Our lawyers have been involved in many high-profile cases for 20 years.


Over the past years, our lawyers have gained significant experience in arbitration, both as counsel as well as arbitrators.


Litigation and arbitration share the same conflict resolution paradigm: a third party, judge or arbitrator, decides the matter.

Looking for a Vacancy?

Holmes Kirby has a vacancy for a Dutch-speaking associate. Preferably with outstanding academic results and 3-6 years of experience in a prominent law firm.


Hi. I'm Kris Wagner

Kris Wagner (bac. phil., KUL, 1993, lic. iur., KUL, 1995, LLM, Harvard, 1997, PhD, KUL, 2006) is one of Belgium's leading experts in the area of civil procedure. Kris Wagner has been practising in the area of commercial litigation since 1995. In more recent years, he also gathered substantial experience in commercial mediation and arbitration.

  • (+32) 2 318 10 20 

Hi. I'm Bernard Dubois

Bernard Dubois (Lic. hist. UGent 2008, MA iur.UGent 2011, Pg Vives Business School 2016) has been practicing law since 2011 in a business law firm in Brussels and Bruges. He joined Holmes Kirby in May 2020. He is a member of the Dutch speaking Brussels bar association as well as the Ghent bar association.

  • (+32) 2 535 79 65, (+32) 9 252 55 73

Hi. I'm Laila Nejar

Laila Nejar graduated from the university of Brussels (Université Libre de Bruxelles) in 2014. She worked as a legal advisor at the Brussels’ Chamber of Commerce (BECI) and joined Holmes Kirby in January 2017. Laila Nejar also completed the training in civil and commercial mediation.

  • (+32) 2 318 10 31


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